Live the Language (LtL) Mandarin School was started by foreigners who are united by one passion: learning Mandarin. We are all about studying, learning, teaching and speaking Chinese daily.

Even though we’ve lived in Beijing for some time and are considered fluent speakers, we still feel compelled to improve our command of this increasingly important language.

So we know what we’re talking about when it comes to teaching, learning and studying, and know very well the needs and concerns of foreign students.

Our Philosophy:

In order to learn a language, we believe you have to live the language. That’s why LtL is committed to quality teaching and providing an environment, as well as opportunities, that make Mandarin learning more relevant, interesting and thus, more effective.

Study with us and we’ll find ways to encourage you to use it and to keep learning on a daily basis!

Our Values:

  • We care. About you, about learning Mandarin and most of all, helping you to speak it. We do our best to make sure you enjoy the journey to Chinese fluency. Whether you join us for tea or dinner, play a game of of football or Chinese chess, everything is geared towards getting you to start speaking Chinese!
  • Honesty. All our prices and terms & conditions are transparent so that you have a clear idea of what you pay for before you even start your course. We don’t believe in tacking on “hidden” costs and other extra charges.
  • Respect for individuality. At LtL, we see each student as an individual with unique traits, needs and learning requirements. So we do our best to customise programmes for you to maximise your time with us. We treat you as a member of our language learning family and would like you to see LtL as your “home away from home” in China.
  • Quality matters. From finding the best teachers to designing comfortable classrooms, from getting the best books to hunting down a good coffee machine, we pay attention to every little detail that contributes to you learning Mandarin more effectively.
  • Passion. What unites us at LtL is our passion for learning and teaching Mandarin. We want to share this enthusiasm with you and help you discover the fascinating world of Chinese characters, culture and life in China.

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